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Services We Provide

Year-round installation of your grain storage facility is our
mission. Weather and site prep permitting,  we will begin your
grain bin construction as soon as it arrives from the

To better serve you, we offer the following three levels of  
Analysis and Consulting
Equipment rental and experienced crew leader + your 6-10
man crew
Full service installation
Grain Bin and Elevator Construction Service

Anton Bayer Millwright uses the Bainter hydraulic jacking system to
erect their grain bin construction projects.  We start by constructing
the bin roof with a rolling scaffold/jacking system, once that is
completed we then install the hydraulic jacks and begin raising the
grain bin, 32" at a time, installing rings and stiffeners with each lift
and re-set.  Once the bin is completely erected, we then anchor it
down using a epoxy anchoring system.  This anchoring system far
exceeds the structural requirements for wind load and grain
pressure.  The bin unloading auger, aeration fan, and perforated
floor is then installed.  Once this is complete, the grain bin can be
immediately filled with whatever grain product it is purposed for.  
Hopper bottom tanks have a slightly different construction
procedure but the basic principle remains the same with the
exception of a crane being used to set the tank on the hopper
bottom and super structure.